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Mark Dewsbury


Personal Biography: Dr Mark Dewsbury is passionate about sustainable design of commercial and residential buildings. His research activities have included contract research for CSIRO, Federal and State Government Agencies, Forest & Wood Products Australia and industry collaborators. His research focuses on methods to improve the construction, thermal performance, energy use, IEQ and condensation risk analysis within and for Australian buildings. This has included detailed simulation, empirical validation, testing and calibration input for regulatory/policy development and simulation tools. Concepts like using mass-timber as thermal mass and many aspects of his research are incorporated within buildings designed by his design practice Carawah.

Company Biography: The University of Tasmania (UTAS), College of Sciences and Engineering is made up of a wide range of teaching and research areas, each delivering exciting study and research options. Offering world class facilities across a broad spectrum of disciplines, UTAS are at the forefront of the University’s world class research, constantly exploring new frontiers and developing innovative solutions to current and future problems. This feeds their teaching and community outreach, where they work to enable and inspire people of all ages to be tomorrow’s generation of leaders and tackle the world’s most complex challenges, inspiring curiosity, to help people understand and explore big ideas, and share the excitement of discovery and creativity.

Providing diverse industry connections, practical and hands on learning, and involvement in world class research see’s graduates acquire job ready knowledge and skills that puts them in demand with employers around the world. As the largest and most diverse College at UTAS, the school is proudly at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Aiming to raise awareness of the vital role that Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) has in our society. UTAS is committed to providing opportunities for future STEM professionals to learn new skills and to meet like-minded people across the globe.