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Martin Luoni

Personal Biography: Martin is a senior structural engineer at Arup, based in Melbourne. Martin has 13 years of engineering experience, working across a broad range of international projects across multiple sectors, having lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand and Canada.

Martin’s passion is solving complex and challenging technical problems, using first principles and sound engineering methods to achieve real-word results. As a Chartered Engineer, he has acted as structural designer and discipline lead on a wide array of projects, with focus on unique structures, cross-disciplinary projects and seismic engineering. A few career highlight projects to date include roller coaster track design, a large-scale telescope enclosure in Chile, high speed rail terminus in Hong Kong, half scale Eiffel Tower replica in Macau and a suspension footbridge at Port Campbell.

Delivering coordinated designs from concept to construction is key for success, and effective communication between stakeholders is vital for ensuring the final outcome is effective and meets expectations. Martin excels at communication and collaboration with clients, contractors, architects, and specialist engineers to deliver real world results.

Company Biography: Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, architects, consultants and technical specialists, working across every aspect of today’s built environment. Arup helps its clients solve their most complex challenges – turning exciting ideas into tangible reality as they strive to find a better way to shape a better world. For over seven decades Arup has been at the forefront of the most ambitious and challenging design and engineering. From concert halls to national stadiums, renewable energy to driverless cars, they continue to add to that history every day.

With the confidence to take on some of the world’s most challenging projects. Arup have always nurtured pioneers and original thinkers, and for decades the creative and ambitious have come to Arup to do their best work. From concert halls that led to new definitions of acoustic engineering, to a long history of developing relentless innovations. Arup aims to influence more than just day-to-day work – looking to inspire greater outcomes from everything they do.