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Curtin University – Team 7

Project: Fremantle Springs

Submission Extract: The project seeks to respond to theneglected abandonment of Fremantle heritage by proposing a small-scale mixed-use development that establishes a connective core between Fremantle’sforgotten heritage and principles of naturalliving. The concept of connecting the core envisions architectural design strategies as a means of activating a common shared space, revitalizing the lost spirit of Fremantle through flexible living, communal playgrounds,and organic retails. The 3 story –mixed use development named Fremantle Springs adapts to flexible modular design that utilizes a steel framework construction methodology followed by adaptive reuse of on-site existing materials such as brick and timber. The effective use of these light-weight materialspromotes sustainability factors that contribute to providing the economy with portable and affordable units for all demographics. As most modularitytypologies come in forms of linearity, the Fremantle Springs aims to challenge design norms by providing residents with organic forms of communal and balcony spaces that increase natural biodiversity and biophilic principles. The modular design approach in connecting the core through heritage and organic ideologies is self-sustainable and adapts to future design by gaining flexibility in term of attachment and detachment of lightweight cladding and structural steel framework.