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Curtin University – Team 12

Project: Interdesign Studio

Submission Extract: The core concept ofthis project is to explore self-sustaining adaptive reuse by reimagining the design of mixed-use residential space. Through the creative design process,we endeavour to discover routes of community engagement to encourage interaction. Toprovide better living, working, learning and health outcomes, certain strategies have been implemented derived from the site analysis. The existing warehouse structure and heritage element areconsidered as an opportunity,and therefore, most of it is maintained and repurposed for a community-led and high stimulus space, consisting of café and restaurant, convenience store and a click and collect proposal to be an expansion for stack wood to operate. In addition, the existing boat half-built on-site is modified to serve asanoutdoor café/restaurant and a communal space. Utilising the boat on site,besides being a unique proposal,contributes to the character of the place and site,which was used for boat building and mechanical services. The proposed residential development is privatised. However, it provides spaces for interconnectivity and interaction. The projectIs developed in a way that considers circular economy, modular and mobile construction to allow for greater flexibility in the future and treasure extraordinary characteristics of the site.