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Curtin University – Team 15

Project: Shipping House

Submission Extract: The prefabrication module for housing is greatly popular in Australia. Design strategies for prefabrication for adaptive re-use and extensions to modular housing are contributed greatly by architects and engineers to society. However, two main problems of current designs are size limitation and transporting for modular housing. Besides, the deployability of the current design of these modules near the center city is almost impossible. Thus, the constant needs for upgrading and improving the designs to reduce waste in a home construction project are greatly important. Moreover, with the high impression of the industrial urban of Fremantle, especially the existing warehouse, re-use existing frames of heritage buildings for housing demand shou ld be considered as one of the core concepts of the project which maintain cultural values of the city such as industrial design and heritage as well as promoting economic values to the development in Fremantle. This research focuses on design solutions for reusing the envelope of the existing building to reduce the cost for clients and the benefits of the foldable housing which can be compactness,ease of storage,transportation, and reuse.