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Curtin University – Team 2

Project: The cube

Submission Extract: The cube is a mix use development which emphasize timber usage as main material in the middle of industrial site to provide sense of warmth and to reconnect the environment with nature. This 4-storey timber building is located at 12 Stack Street, Fremantle. The old warehouse is reused as the convenience store in order to maintain the heritage value of the building. Whereas the boat skeleton from the existing site is reused as an outdoor sitting area. Both can potentially be an icon of this area.Commercial tenancies in ground floor include a click and collect stop, which supports local business and improves the amenity for community. This apartment consists of 6-units of student accommodation in ground floor, 4-off one-bedroom units on the first floor, and 4-off of two-bedroom units in the second and third floor. The building highly accentuates interaction within the building, which can be shown in the play of open space relocation between the neighbourhood.The apartments use modular prefabricationconstruction method and specific connectors which significantly saves theconstruction time. This type of construction offers the flexibility to reconfigure, assemble and disassemble to be moved to another site when necessary. In a result, efficiency in time construction is optimised as one of the biggest benefit to adapt this construction method.The Glulam timber and SIPare the main material used in this building. This timber is proven to have enough strength to support the building compared to concrete with high durability and sustainability to be reused and recycled.Moreover, SIP is lightweight and low carbon emission material whichcan be found less than 10 km from the site.