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Curtin University – Team 3

Project: Curtin University – Team 3

Submission Extract: In response to the growing global population and pandemic issues. The project has proposed vertical farm in each unit balcony, the user can produce fruit and vegetable with a great nutritional value.The commercial building also has vertical farm which could produce fresh fruit, vegetable to small grocery store and neighbor’s stores. To reconnect the relationship with local community and creates an ecosystem within an innovative and healthy urban agriculture spaces.Using Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) as main structural materialswhichhassuperior fire-resistant, great acoustic, and easy to erect and install. The wall has chosen eco-friendly cardboard panel. It is 100% recyclablematerial andcould bedisassembled and assembled. With waterprooftimber claddings façade createsdurability, optimal insulation, and aesthetic appearance.The floor and internal panel used cross-laminated timber (CLT) which is a prefabricated wood panel and provides dimensional stability. Utilizingacoustic ceiling for each module which provides an acoustic comfort living area. Installing retractable roof to maximize natural light coming into balcony and indoor living areaand minimize the energy cost. Installing renewable sources solar tracking system on the topwhich gives sustainable power generating solution and minimize the consumption.Finally, to maintain vertical farm value and reducewater cost, the building installed rainwater tanks on site which to collect rain and supply stable water resource for each unit vertical farm. Creating sustainability environment to the users.