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Curtin University – Team 8

Project: Inside Outside

Submission Extract: A sustainable response towards an adaptive reuse of an abandoned warehouse into a residential and mixed-use area by bringing the outdoors in & taking the indoors out. Defining its spaces to foster environmental, economic and social sustainability. It aims to focus on passive design principles, the circular economy, biophilia and constructability in its design and construction.

It aspires to retain the warehouse’s original structure and heritage façade to preserve its historical connection while it paves its way for a new build of modular apartments and student accommodation to adapt to its changing need. Nestled in a vast industrial setting of warehouses, the design aims to incorporate an enriching sense of nature to soften its industrial environment at the same time foster a sense of community for its residents. Hence, bringing the outdoors or nature inside and encouraging community interaction by taking the inside outside.

Striving for user comfort and value for money over time, it applies constructability in its modular construction which can function either collectively or separately. Bringing altogether a sense of being one with nature and the community in its form and function.