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University of Queensland – Team 3

Project: Eco Modular

Submission Extract: Eco Modular is an adaptive reuse design proposed for a warehouse in an inner-city suburb, aiming to provide a sustainable, healthy quality of living and cost-efficient design method for the original one-story warehouse. The proposal also demonstrates how the concept of circular economy can achieve the sustainable goals through innovative construction methods. The new proposal transforms the warehouse into a small mixed-use community with important local features, including commercial, residential, and public gardens, which can contribute to local cultural activities and economic development. The main strategy of the proposed design is to minimise demolition of the existing structure to reduce the generation of construction waste. Renewable and reusable resources will be selected for the new materials needed in the construction to reduce resource depletion. The design of the residential area is to stack the wooden modular housing units as a four-storey tower, which addresses the housing shortage and the need for social infrastructure through vertical development. Eco Modular provides a solution for resource scarcity, sustainability and climate emergencies, while delivering thermal comfort, occupant well-being and affordability to the end user.