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University of Queensland – Team 4

Project: Co-Nest

Submission Extract: In 2021, many of us are facing challenges from COVID-19 especially the construction sector which continues to face significant challenges not only in Australia but all over the Globe. Building owners hence are now seeking solutions through adaptive re-use and re-development of a building or warehouse to revise and asset their performance for long term. Co-Nest : student living is a design proposal for adaptive reuse of a warehouse proposing new commercial and retail activities. The concept, similar to how a bird builds a nest by gathering twigs, utilizes prefabricated modular timber members to build pods that would accommodate students. It is also a co-working space which acts as a community center connecting the retail and residential activities. This project explores the idea of using timber as the main Design for Assembly and Disassembly (DfAD) material, after reviewing the existing timber prefabrication plans, understanding timber structure, designing disassembly sequence, summarizing the advantages of prefabricated buildings in the entire life cycle and the potential DfAD design innovation in the future. As architects and engineers, we have an important role to play towards a transition to a Circular Economy. Co-Nest adheres to the circular design principles. This is achieved by using modular approach and prefabricated construction technology. It also adapts to ARUP’s ReSOLVE framework. The proposal also investigates in analyzing thermal performance as well as energy efficiency of new residential modular pods.