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Circles on Victoria

Project: Circles on Victoria

Submission Extract: “As revolutionary as architecture and the construction sector appears, it currently accounts for nearly 40% of the worlds carbon emissions, 11% of which are a result of manufacturing building materials such as steel, cement and glass” (Archdaily, 2022). The United Nations are referring to the situation as the “code red for humanity”, and the idea of net zero carbon emissions have become increasingly apparent in the application of systems including construction in order to dramatically reduce these emissions (Curtin University, 2022).

Situated in the suburb of Midland, Perth; this project works to address this issue whilst tackling the burgeoning affordable housing crisis facing Australia and Perth in particular.

Due to Covid 19, lower socio-economic and homeless communities are more at risk due to the lack of social awareness and poor healthcare; leaving many individuals and families lacking a safe and protected dwelling as more affordable forms of housing are not readily available. It is these basic principles in conjunction with awareness to a much more sustainable living environment that will ultimately be the key in revitalizing the surrounding Midland community.