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The Fleetwood Challenge Cup 2020

A new challenge for tomorrow's AEC design professionals

The Challenge Cup

The Challenge Cup; a team challenge designed to discover the next generation of young built environment design professionals that will help to propel the industry into an innovative future.

Each year select Universities are invited to participate in “The Challenge Cup”. With aspiring students from each University representing the Architectural, Engineering and other AEC design streams to form collaborative and cross disciplinary teams of between 4 to 6 students.

The prize

The Challenge Cup

Finalist teams and selected competition presentation highlights will be  showcased on The Challenge Cup website along with prizes being awarded to the winning team and to the 2nd & 3rd placed teams!



The Challenge

The inaugural competition will address the shortage of affordable housing in Australia with offsite construction and prefabrication solutions being ideally placed to develop affordable housing solutions that meet a cost-effective relocation requirement.

The competition’s design concept will address the building life cycle cost equation. With teams instructed to design solutions for a multi-level building design that can be readily modified, delivered in multiple configurations and with maximum flexibility to accommodate more than one façade type. Thus providing for a solution that will be responsive to various site locations over a 50-year period.

The Brief

Key Dates

The year ahead...

January (2021)

• Competition commencement
• Online Competition Q&A portal opens

February (2021)

• Portal opens for submissions

June (2021)

• University team registrations close


July (2021)

Competition submission deadline 4pm AEST

July (2021)

• Finalists announced