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Midland Woods

Project: Midland Woods

Submission Extract: This social housing building design utilises prefabrication and modular constructions that contribute to the low-cost construction cost and renders housing to b more affordable within the Australian market. On top of that, modular construction also benefits the environment such as helping to reduce carbon emission, vehicular traffic, and site disruption and contributes to a 3-5% reduction in completion time. In addition, less waste is also generated, and materials can be recycled. Hence, this can contribute to helping to lead to the achievement of Net-Zero by 2050.

This 4-storeys building primarily utilises timber for its construction as timber captures carbon, reduces CO2 in the atmosphere, it’s a renewable material and has a low embodied energy, On the other hand, SIP panels will be utilised for each module’s flooring, wall, and roof which can contribute to a decrease in heat transfer and has great energy efficiency contributes to improved indoor air quality, minimal waste, faster project completion, minimal construction errors, and fewer labour requirements, which contributes greatly to both affordable housing and Net-Zero.

Additionally, the design form adopts elements and adapts to the context and climate of the site. A renewable Energy PV system: Solar Ivy, will also be incorporated to ensure the benefit and help the energy-saving and Net Zero within the building.