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Next Living Apartments

Project: Next Living Apartments

Submission Extract: This project embodies many design ideals that collectively work in unison to deliver Architecture wholistically, with an aim to address current and future issues surrounding social housing for the homeless and demands for more affordable living. Seeking to respond to this ever-growing housing crisis that our nation is facing, the proposal utilises modular construction and sustainable design with a strong focus on implementing innovative thinking to develop new possibilities for a NET Zero future. The development presents itself as a 4 Story mixed use apartment that makes use of adaptable modular design principles to achieve a unique aesthetic, celebrating the many elements of innovation fused within the building’s fabric. With sustainability and practicality the focus for design, a series of key components was developed, each with an intent to achieve a more sustainable outcome for the day to day operation of the building. Renewable power generation and storage is an integral part of the sustainability aspect for this project, as such, a prefabricated renewable power generating module was developed that integrates both Solar PV and wind power to generate electricity for residents and onsite amenities. In addition to the technological features of the building, there is also the great adaptability aspect made possible by utilising innovative modular construction methods, making site relocation and future expansion possible.