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Team One

Project: Team One

Submission Extract: This project discusses the potential applications of offsite manufacturing to go beyond perceived limits of reusable and sustainable buildings. The design focuses on meeting “net-zero” through offset of occupant and building energy consumption to equivalent solar area requirements. Modules comprising of load-bearing cross laminated timber (CLT) construct the external frame additionally employing a mix of insulation materials and sizing of efficient windows to provide economic and environmental living, where a typical apartment can be shown to attain a 7.9 green star NatHERS rating. An innovative connection system allows open modules and connections, blended with mechanical fastening to reduce building complexity. This combination of an adaptable façade and connections allows creation of accommodating, yet simple building designs based on a core module unit. This reduces materials processing while creating opportunity for a circular building economy by cutting construction waste. Consequently, repetition of single module building will improve construction productivity, reducing costs and improving commercial viability. This compact, sustainable design allows simple delivery from factory to site increasing this module’s applications in urban and rural environments, allowing affordable and net-zero housing at scale.