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The Hive

Project: The Hive

Submission Extract: Inspired by the social structure of honeybees and their relationship with the world around them, the Hive is a social housing project aimed at enacting lasting change through Care, Belonging, and Learning. It is the intention of this project not just to provide dwellings for lower socio-economic groups but to provide the foundation for them to grow and help others.

The Hive is divided into three aspects, the first of which, is the Commons, encouraging residents to develop into a community that shares knowledge and experience, strengthening the whole. The Café allows residents to receive work-based training, building wealth beyond economy, allowing them to venture forward into the future with confidence. And finally, the Colony, providing well-designed and sustainable living quarters for residents to have a strong foundation moving forward.

The Hive takes advantage of the modular housing concept and takes it in an exciting direction with modules that form Hexagons, further referencing the honeybee inspiration. The shape allows us to expand and rearrange spaces in three dimensions. We’ve selected the use of various sustainable materials where possible like cold-formed steel, straw wall panels and cork tiling while including various systems to reach Net-Zero goals before 2050.