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The Midland Bio Base

Project: The Midland Bio Base

Submission Extract: This project aims to create a precedent for future construction and housing, challenging the current trend of onsite construction that uses heavy materials with high embodied energy such as bricks and aluminum. With the current housing and climate crisis we as architects have a key role in tackling these issues, by coming up with innovative designs.

Prefabrication could be the future of design and construction. Prefabrication is often thought of as boring or simple design; however, this project explores innovative materials and spaces and design to create a desirable and luxurious yet affordable housing.

The construction of this project focuses on prefabrication, modular components and designing for disassembly. These three key design requirements address the issue of climate change as the design and layout of these modular apartments can be rearranged, recycled and repurposed. When designing The Midland Bio-Base I have considered the lifecycle of the entire building as well as the lifecycle of single component like the steel beams and columns. Once it is time for this building to be disassembled each item can be recycled.

This project aims to increase activity around the Midland center and promote local living, reducing carbon emissions produced by transport. By sharing amenities such a laundromat, communal kitchen, communal terrace garden, and sharing tools and equipment between tenants, they are able to save money on buying equipment and save money on maintenance. This also promotes sustainable consumption.

With Perth’s population set to increase to 3.5 million by 2050 and the need for approximately 600,000 new dwellings to accommodate for this increase. Prefabricated, modular housing allows for adaptability and diversity of housing with quick construction and the ability to be a sustainable and promote local living.