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A New Heart

Project: A New Heart

Submission Extract: 

The New Heart Pedal & Flipper redevelopment scheme embraces sustainability by ensuring that every unit is composed of recycled steel, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions in construction, in addition to reducing energy and iron ore required. The project has a strong focus on the circular material economy, with mycelium (a root-like structure of fungus), recycled paper and metal industrial waste all helping create sustainable luxury finishes. Meanwhile, Hebel Power Panels have been used for the building’s wall and facades, again offering significant benefits in terms of reductions in embodied carbon and energy. The design incorporates a two-storey bike hire facility under two floors of apartments, which are intended initially to serve as short-stay accommodation for Rottnest Island’s ferry-in, ferry-out workers. The modular construction of the apartments means they can be easily moved at end-of-life (approximately 20 years) to take on a new role as beachfront accommodation for holiday-goers. The project also includes Café Handelbarr, a hybrid café and bar that helps create an informal place for tour groups to meet and aims to introduce a “hole in the wall” culture to Rottnest hospitality. A proposal for a future project to recycle plastic rounds out the project’s net zero aspirations.