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Archi International

Project: Archi International

Submission Extract: 

The Archi International proposal for Malvern East in Victoria centres on a panelised building system built on the principles of net zero, material upcycling, disassembly, community engagement, sustainability and the promotion of longevity through a recycling life cycle. Its design prioritises flexible configurations and shared spaces for occupants to connect with one another, natural interactions that advance from the commercial area on the ground floor to foster social connection and create a vibrant sense of community. Meanwhile, the focus on sustainability and upcycling ensures reduced greenhouse gas emissions, minimised environmental impact and efficient resource conversation. The environmental consciousness is reflected by the choice of CLT timber beams and columns as the foundational framework, which also ensures structural integrity. In turn, the bones of the structure are held together with recycled steel connections – regulating the temperature of junctions and blocking UV light when necessary, while again aligning with a commitment to the upcycling of materials. A well-planned and efficiently scheduled construction process will provide for the modules to be finished in two weeks. Archi International aims to address the pressing needs of the present and build a sustainable foundation for the future.