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Project: Archvengers

Submission Extract: 

Project XII aims to provide an innovative solution that will revolutionise residential building in New South Wales. The project focusses on amenity and adaptability for residents, affordable and fast design and construction, and community activation. This amenity is created through biophilic design and flexible floor planning, with natural elements and green spaces boosting residents’ health and wellbeing, providing natural light and maintaining a comfortable temperature. Joinery design and planning will ensure dwellings are adaptive to client needs and site conditions, while flexible floor plans, movable partitions and modular components enable easy reconfiguration to meet requirements. The modular design provides for fast approval, fabrication and assembly, and homes will be both affordable and sustainable. Project XII will minimise environmental impact and carbon cost through sustainable design principles, advanced energy efficiency technology, renewable energy, and other smart technologies. An intelligent and interactive environment is provided by Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics systems, which will facilitate automation, energy efficiency, and personalised user experiences. The building also fosters community engagement and social interaction through inclusive design features: shared spaces, communal facilities, and interactive platforms that promote collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a sense of belonging among residents.