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Project: Flow

Submission Extract: 

This proposal consists of a system of modular apartments that can be disassembled and reassembled in different configurations and locations on the east coast of Wadjemup (Rottnest Island), a popular holiday destination off the coast of Western Australia. The defining principle behind the modular apartments is one of “Flow”, with the modules focused on natural airflow within and between structures through the use of a spaced approach. This spacing allows the spirits of the land to pass through unobstructed – an important cultural concept for the Aboriginal people – and also means all units have natural ventilation from all sides. There is a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability in the modules. Use of smart materials, passive design features and efficient and sustainable building services will combine to reduce energy costs and overall impact on the environment, contributing to a design that will perform highly across the building’s life cycle. The modular apartments are constructed of 200 SHS steel beams and columns with 100 PFC floor and ceiling joists, connected through a bolted sleeve system. The consistent use of these structural members allows each module to fit together easily and provides for great flexibility in design combinations.