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Metamorphic Abode

Project: Metamorphic Abode

Submission Extract: 

This multi-storey project on Western Australia’s Rottnest Island showcases an endeavour to build versatile environments in anticipation of serving users for various activities. The Pedal & Flipper hire facility will occupy the first two floors, with modular housing above. High importance has been placed on developing safe and useful spaces that meet construction requirements while also incorporating technological advancements and promoting energy efficiency. The project includes not only a straightforward reconfiguration method allowing for fast dismantling and reassembling at a new location but also multidisciplinary collaboration between architects and engineers to create a net zero design. Integration and planning of essential services such as plumbing, electricity, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, and communication is made more efficient by the modular components. Meanwhile, robotics, Internet of Things (IOT) and building information modelling have been introduced for off-site construction, online sessions for residents on energy-consciousness and after-construction modelling. Local building codes, regulations, and climate conditions have been considered to ensure compliance and optimise performance of the design. The initiative intends to encourage the construction of green buildings with the functionalities and services required for modular dwelling and commercial leasing space.