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Pedal & Flipper Precinct

Project: Pedal & Flipper Precinct

Submission Extract: 

The Pedal & Flipper Precinct project embodies sustainability and innovation, with its plan to upgrade a hire facility on WA’s Rottnest Island and add to the complex through the installation of 10 modular apartments and community spaces. Materials used in the project are either recycled or implement innovative technology, including cotton insulation, playscape surfaces made of tyre crumbs, ceramic tiles made from waste, solar window glazing that generates electricity and solar roof tiles set at the optimum angle for absorption. Courtyard shrubs increase cooling through evapotranspiration, while greywater from showers, basins and washing machines is recycled and used for irrigation. Building modules will be constructed by a robotic production line, and design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) features include connections that allow modules to be easily disassembled and reconfigured. The facades of the building are also easily removed and replaced via a clip-on system. By creating two key modules that can be used for four different apartment configurations, modules can be repeatedly manufactured, reducing waste and improving efficiency. The sense of innovation extends to other parts of the project, with VR technology used during the design process and 3D LiDAR scanners employed to collect real-time aerial imagery of the site.