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Quokka Quarters

Project: Quokka Quarters

Submission Extract: 

The proposed Quokka Quarters redevelopment of Pedal & Flipper seeks to meet growing demand for sustainable, community-orientated developments, incorporating a four-level development that would see the hire facility occupy the first two floors and two floors of residential units above that. The integration of residential living space with mixed-use facilities allows for practicality, innovation and versatility, traits that would benefit future developments on the Rottnest Island setting.  The project aims to create a cohesive environment of community, nature and built form, promoting bike culture and visitor/tourist-friendly features, and fostering social interaction, without disrupting the history of the island and its native flora and fauna. The development will also integrate Indigenous perspectives that acknowledge the cultural history of the land. The design focuses on use of sustainable materials that have a minimal environmental footprint and contribute towards net zero aspirations, including renewable resources such as responsibly-sourced timber. The forward-facing and flexible aspect of the project is also reflected by the ability of residential modules to be easily disassembled, reassembled and adjusted on a second site, in line with differing visions and requirements. Again, this showcases a commitment to sustainable practices by reducing waste and optimising use of resources.