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The Wadjemup Bike Stay

Project: The Wadjemup Bike Stay

Submission Extract: 

This reimagining of Rottnest Island’s Pedal & Flipper demonstrates a variety of strategies that aim to foster a community centred around bike culture and complement the existing diving and tourism culture that is unique to Rottnest. The main approach is to view the built form in conjunction with the landscape, an important relationship that promotes environmental sustainability. The project revolves around a concept that built form and landscape should complement rather than compete, and this carries through into Wadjemup Bike Stay’s design drivers around Indigenous perspectives, the natural character of the island and expressions of bike culture. The design leans heavily into the use of recycled and recycled materials where possible and also allows for easy disassembly and flexible reconfiguration to fit into the site’s needs. One of its most notable aspects is a focus on the incorporation of greenery, including on the building façade. Overall, these drivers of design aim to produce a place that delivers value for the future of Rottnest and an integration into the circular economy of metropolitan Perth. Supporting local business and the economy will boost tourism and provide for the creation of a unique experience in the southern hemisphere’s largest bike storage facility.