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Project: WAVE

Submission Extract: 

Wave is inspired by the local natural and built character of Rottnest Island, with the coastline and sand dunes informing its sweeping and fluid form. The aim of incorporating curved timber façades and screens was to demonstrate the possibilities of modular architecture to look different than people expect and investigate its ability to be integrated within a site to look cohesive and intentionally-designed. This modular design solution, initially comprising apartments atop the Pedal & Flipper hire facility, focuses on minimising embodied energy by using carbon-negative and neutral materials such as hemp-lime biocomposite walls, glue laminated timber structural columns and beams, and highly efficient Rippman flooring systems. The design and its materiality allow for a reduction in electrical heating and cooling as they are highly insulative and thermally efficient, with the use of timber screens allowing for shade and passive ventilation within spaces. Each module can stack upon the other using a simple pinned connection, for ease of construction, disassembly, and reconfiguration at a second coastal site on Rottnest. The design promotes integration within the natural environment using natural materials, incorporating native gardens, and preserving all the native trees on the site to sequester carbon and increase biodiversity.