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Curtin University – Team 11

Project: Groot

Submission Extract: At GROOT apartments, leisure is a strong driver in encouraging neighbourhood interaction and enabling a strong sense of community. Within their apartment block, tenants can interact while watering the plants at the verge garden or cooking with friends and family at the communal ground floor area. The Groot warehouse actively aims to welcome the larger Fremantle community by directly connecting to the frequent markets that occur at the stack wood parallel to the akin warehouse. It hosts a vibrant café space,a grocery store and a click and collects space for upcoming artists to sell their products. The private balconies have also been designed to connect to the vibrant street life where residents can enjoy watching the street while enjoying their morning and evening tea or coffee. Hyper flexibility is also a key driving force at Groot apartments; each apartment is made from three CLT primary modules that can be mirrored across x and y-axis; this allows Akin apartments to easily be configured onto any site. Allthe modules are optimized to fit onto a standard truck and each level can be stacked onto a site in seven days!