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University of Newcastle – Team 2

Project: The Green Lung

Submission Extract: The Green Lung facilitates a new and improved multi-use design concept, inspired by the niche market of DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) design, consisting of both Volumetric and Kit -Of-Part (KOP) elements. The development accommodates to a broad demographic, by contributing to its surrounding environment, ultimately cleansing the polluted air of Newcastle. After a long history of coal mining, the imperative of the design behind Green Lung has focused on the indoor environmental quality of air, by contributing a green oasis. Nestled into the industrial area of Mayfield; the Green Lung will work away, pumping out clean air amongst it’s residents and the surrounding environment. Where the central lift itself, will act as the lung; as residents utilise the internal area, the lift will pump polluted air through an array of filtering systems to produce clean air for all. The multi-residential development will provide accommodation to students, individuals, and small families, built above a bustling assortment of commercial and retail spaces, open to the public. The materials and variety of plant will reflect the history of coal within the area, through natives and locally sourced materials. The Green Lung has taken inspiration from both the natural and industrial world to provide a sustainable solution that will be self-sufficient whilst providing its directenvironment with healthy air.