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The Baleen

Project: The Baleen

Submission Extract: 

The Baleen project imagines not only modular holiday accommodation apartments on Wadjemup but also open source architecture that will have global impact. With a modular block construction system that can be shared, downloaded and assembled anywhere in the world via creative commons, these apartments will provide accommodation in Australia and also a foundation from which developing economies elsewhere can progress their net zero aspirations. The two floors of modular apartments that will sit above the Pedal & Flipper facility are built to have life beyond their initial location: they can easily be reconfigured, disassembled and reimagined, put on a shipping container to assist with disaster relief or even flat-packed and kept in storage until needed again. Each apartment module is designed to slide, lock and then connect without disturbing apartments above and below, while cross-ventilation is promoted by the fact there are no shared walls. A range of other features contribute to the net zero theme, including recycled building materials, modular roof gardens, photovoltaic roof tiles, heat recovery ventilation and communal composting. A changeable facade of timber sliding shutters to block out views, wind or sun, can be exchanged for more permanent shading depending on the location of the build.